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.Token is an asset on Ethereum and a few another network. Tokens are not a coin because them has not own network but some tokens really can be good than some coins and some tokens price can be higher than some coins. If you want earn some free Bitcoin and Ethereum you can join airdrops on here. If you join airdrops on here probably you will earn minimum 500 $ after couples weeks. Even if you will have atleast 15-20 referrals your prize can be very high. We updating our airdrop list, daily.

                                                                                                                     Last Update: 9 April, 2018
BountyHive http://bit.ly/2GeXmVa Register and validate your email. Click at the top right on your username, after click "settings", after click "bounty", after click "your wallet" and set your ETH address. Set your social media accounts (we need only telegram). Join here: https://t.me/bountyhive and join here: https://t.me/bountyhiveio That's all, our settings is completed and we never do it again.

Now you can will participate all campaigns telegram bounty. Click at the top right on your username, after click "browse". Click any campaign and you will see at the top left "translations". Click it and chose "telegram". Join seen that campaign telegram channel and click at the down "I agree to the terms and guidelines above." You can join all campaign like that and if you join all campaign you can will earn atleast 150-200$.

- Atleast for 20 campaign: 200$
Trial Token http://bit.ly/2HmOtpS 1- Join telegram: http://bit.ly/2uZiLwj
2- Join telegram bot: http://bit.ly/2HmOtpS
3- Fill your name&surname and click "check status"
4- Follow telegram bots commands at the down side.
30 April, 2018  

50 token + refs


Able Project Airdrop http://bit.ly/2HhbzhD 1- Register on http://bit.ly/2HhbzhD and go to bounty,
2- Complete task Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and earn 550 ABLE,
3- Click on bounty address on your dashboard to submit your ETH address.
14 April, 2018  

10 $ + refs


Berith Airdrop http://bit.ly/2ICDuYN Click here to create a Berith wallet. Choose English by clicking on flag at the top right. Click on ''sign up'' Registration requires phone & email verification. Use recommender code: clwq34zq96  You earned 160 BRT by signing up! Copy your wallet address on your dashboard. Go to airdrop form for more tokens: here  

16 April, 2018


5$ + refs
Modex Tech http://bit.ly/2pXJOmC Join https://t.me/modextech telegram, fill this form http://bit.ly/2pXJOmC 19 April, 2018 5 token + refs
Bob's Repair http://bit.ly/2HSncL9 Register, join Twitter, Telegram, Facebook and register too token sale page. And you can start share your referral link. 10 April, 2018 2 $ + refs
ShopiBlock  http://bit.ly/2E9jIkT Subscribe to Newsletter , Follow on Twitter , Retweet and like the this Tweet , Like on Facebook , Share this post on Facebook , Join Telegram group , Fill out the form below on the page. 15 May, 2018 1000 token + refs